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Google releases its year in search 2016

by Robert Hyde

Posted on 14 December 2016

Every year Google releases a breakdown of all the interesting facts that come from people searching during that year and they just published the breakdown of 2016.

Looking at the UK the most search term was Euro2016, despite the terrible performance of the English team this is a UK specific result and Wales did incredibly well and the UK is a football mad nation.

Following that is the app phenomenon of Pokemon Go with David Bowie third, Donald Trump fourth and another tragic death of 2016, Prince who was the fourth most searched for phrase of 2016.

The lists break down into categories after this and Brexit was the most searched for news term, Donald Trump the top search for Political term.

Politics and high profile deaths certainly made an impact on the UK this year but technology and sports also played an important part of our on-line lives.

Other interesting terms of note, Deadpool was the most searched for movie, iPhone the most searched for technology device.

On a global scale Pokemon Go was the most search for term with iPhone 7 second Donald Trump third Prince fourth and Powerball fifth.

Donald Trump was clearly on many peoples minds as the election grew close and he shocked America, and the world as he is the most searched for person while the Rio Olympics is the top sporting event and Stranger Things (not familiar with that) the top TV search.

Of interest, in America Powerball is the most search for term, some things don't cross the Atlantic, while Prince is second, and in complete contrast in Japan the top search is youtube!!

It's an interesting read and something I'd suggest checking out, as a top SEO company we have to keep a close eye on search and Google gives us the ability to have good insight into customers behaviour.

Check out the list yourself at Google year in search 2016.


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