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How Could Your Website Work Harder for You?

by Robert Hyde

Posted on 12 March 2013

Let's look at what your website should do:

Here are three Good Reasons to have a Website

  1. Bring new people to your company
  2. Influence potential customers and help them become actual customers
  3. Do things for your business: sell, advertise, organise and notify

So how can we optimise these?

  1. How can you bring more people to your company?
    Let's look at what you can do and what your website can do.
    You can network, distribute cards, persuade suppliers and customers to provide links back to your site. Tweets and facebook mentions with links will help drive visits. Get listings with local listing sites, business groups, Yell, trade associations all with links back to your site. List your company on Google Places.
    Your website should be optimised to be found easily by the search engines; it will then bring new customers itself. Use good keywords throughout your content, code well, label pictures and update regularly.
  2. Influence Potential Customers
    There was a time when shiny shoes and a smart suit meant you made a good first impression with your new potential client. Now your key contact and many of their board members, bosses and subordinates will have checked you and your company out online before you even get to meet them. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression. You now need to wow and reassure them with your website.
    So in designing your site think with your customers in mind. Remember that features tell, benefits sell. Or to put it another way - put yourself in your customers' shoes, look at your website content and ask yourself "So What?" Make sure you offer the benefits that your customers want and make it really easy for them to make the next step. Additionally, think about what might be stopping them from contacting you and use testimonials, professional body membership to help overcome these.
  3. Whatever you want your site to do - make it easier for customers to do it!
    Consider how you want people to flow through your site. Make your site appealing, clear and easily accessible. Most people only visit 1 - 4 pages in 10 seconds to a couple of minutes at most. Think about what you want them to see and do, and help them to get there easily. Think about how your site will look on mobile devices. If they are looking you up on the phone what might they want to do? Accessible addresses, contact info, opening hours are often the thing people want to access quickly when out. Make forms easy to fill in. You don't want to lose people at the last step. Offer incentives. More people will sign up and give you their email address if you say "Sign Up for all our best offers" rather than "Sign Up for our Newsletter".

So how does your website do? Could it work harder for you in 2013. Contact us before the end of February and we will give the first 10 businesses a free review of their current website and highlight any key things that could be optimised for 2013.

You Only Get 1 Chance at a First Impression - Contact Us and make your website work harder for you in 2013.


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