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IO42 iPhone 7 review

by Robert Hyde

Posted on 21 September 2016

Arguable Apple invented the smartphone and for nearly 10 years they have created a new design every 2 years with an "S" version in the middle year which was a more an iterative update than a new version.

Is 2016 the year that all ended? The "new" iPhone 7 feels more like an iteration to the iPhone 6 than a brand new phone, or perhaps its more of an evolution to last years iPhone 6s, in any case this looks, feels and in many was is similar to the previous phone with just a higher number after the name.

What is new is good, there is a new look to the camera nub on the back which makes it look better and more streamline (and stops the 6's case fitting) and rather than a home button on the front it has a Taptic area!

The camera is very good and pictures - although as ever not as good as a dedicated camera - are a step up from previous models and on the few I have taken I have look crisp - the 7 Plus phone as a dual camera which apparently takes even better pictures.

The Taptic area for the home is an interesting thing, despite what people say it does not feel anything like a button, and when pressure is applied it actually feels like the whole of the bottom of the phone is being pressed, its a weird feeling but I don't mind it and have got used to it in 24 hours.

I didn't use the iPhone 6s so didn't experience 3d touch, but from what I've used on this phone its OK, something I may use on occasions but I can live as easily without it as I can with it.

Now to the biggest change of the new phone, a lack of headphone jack - first of all why the hell not? I have to buy new headphones but then I but them quite regularly anyway, the bigger issue for me is that now I need to buy headphones especially for the iPhone, saying that though I personally don't listen to music on other devices so for me so maybe it's not that much of an issue.

One issue I have discovered i when I am driving, if I want to charge the phone and make a hands free call and don't have bluetooth headphone then I am stuck, you can't charge and use plug in headphones at the same time, thats an issue looking for a solution.

Sound quality is good, and I think better than the 6, the built in stereo speakers work well and give a slightly better depth of sound unlike the single tinny speaker of all previous model.

I'm getting used to iOS 10 but I have to say that of all the benefits, its faster and finally I can get rid of many of the annoying apps I simply don't use, I am struggling with the home screen, I don't find it intuitive and in a hurry I find it hard to get into the phone, for example after I finished a run it took me about 30 seconds to get in to stop the Nike+ app.

In all I do like the phone but it does feel a little like I just got a better version of my previous phone, something which has not happened with any of the previous iPhone upgrades, an I've had them all.


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