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New Year New Start - Or Do You Need To Review Your IT Requirements For You And Your Business?

by Darrell Peter

Posted on 4 January 2016

Happy New Year! As we all look to have a fresh start for ourselves in our personal lives, we should also look at business IT and giving this a fresh start for 2016. There are many things that could help your business in the New Year here are a few that you should look at to help push your business forward in 2016. Some things to consider as you start back and questions you should ask:

  • Is your website getting static and promoting your business enough for the forthcoming year? Have your customers being seeing the same website for a long time now? It is the time to review your intention for the New Year, how can website changes help my business?

  • Remember to stay focused on your business objectives and goals, you’re IT and Network like many things need constant maintenance and updating in order to protect you from unwanted access and hackers. Operating Security patches for your Server and Network need to be installed as often as once a week! Is yours up to date and installed or are you behind therefore leaving your system open to a security breach?

  • Is the IT for your business in need of some TLC to get them ship shape for 2016, or is it time to review the complete infrastructure and the impact on your end users? Are they complaining of speed issues, things not working as good as they should? A network audit and health check could help you in 2016 to get the most out of your investment.

  • When people search on the internet is your business being promoted highly enough for them to consider your services, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way to boost how your business through searches on the internet within google for example. Is it time to review the SEO on your website, are you using social media to your advantage?

  • Are you getting the best out of your network and your staff? Are staff streaming or searching when they should be working? Is your IT usage disclaimer protecting you enough against staff abusing your IT infrastructure, or do you just need to review your staff acceptable IT usage policy in your staff handbook? A good firewall could help you monitor network traffic and if you use VOIP phones in your office this should be used for prioritising voice traffic over your network and the internet. The way in which the Internet is used is constantly changing, don’t let things pass you by instead take time to review if things could be done better.

  • “New Year, New Me” is the phrase everyone has said at least once in their life, right? Is it time to consider slimming down on your network and PC’s? Do you have redundant or under used equipment lurking around? If Equipment is used daily over long periods they can get clogged up with excessive search cookies, hundreds of temp files and in time start to slow the responsiveness of your PC or Laptop, this then impacts on the users and their ability to perform their job role effectively which could be costing your business profit long term. Think about how this will impact on your work flow as you have a spring in your step to move your business forward, is it time to speed things up and get things moving faster for you and your staff?

  • Anti-Virus patches need to be installed sometimes as often as daily, but they should be checked at least weekly in order to keep your business protected. However good your Anti-Virus is there is always room for improvement which can be done by training and advising your staff of the latest threats and how to protect yourself against them, also how to think twice about any action they carry out to ensure they are not putting the business in jeopardy.

    If you have any questions that you would like answered or you need to discuss anything that has been mentioned in this Blog, please contact us on 01494 772227 and we will happily talk through any queries you may have.

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